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That's Me Dominic Hi,

I am Dominic Francis and I am the owner of X Cheap Escorts. We work together with few other agencies and use the brand X. This is a new website but we are all part of a big group that works in the escorting business for many years. London is were we are based and well established, and where the brand started. Now we are entering the market of Berlin escorts, escorts in Berlin and also know as sex club Berlin. The plan with this new website and our entry to the Berlin market is to start shake things up in the German capital and to reduce prices. Because – we love cheap prices and good quality, so why would anyone pay more if the can trust us and pay less. We introduced the price of just €100 per hour for an escort in Berlin and we plan to keep this price, until some major financial crisis changes the meaning of the money.

I am a marketer. I graduated in Metropolitan University in London specializing internet marketing. While I was a student I worked for few escort agencies in London. I was a driver, I was a manager, I was HR and so on. So I know the business from the inside. When my friend Mario started the X brand I suggested him to introduce a different approach to escorts and to introduce the cheapest possible price. We together calculated that €100 per hour is a enough for us to be able to pay to escorts and drivers and to have some minimum amount per escort for advertising. I am proud that he reached such a success with his brand. At that time I was getting some more experience and knowledge in internet marketing. I am still learning as we all should do every day.

I decided that now is the right time to join the company and expand in Berlin. The X brand has expanded a little bit, but need some help to grow and to reach its potential. And me, as a person who knows the company from inside and has some knowledge from outside I believe I can help by popularizing Berlin escorts and the very well known here sex clubs Berlin.

We want to grow even more. We are planing to expand in other cities and to turn the escort market there as well. We will go everywhere in the world and shock the customers there by offering the cheapest price possible. I believe there are many big cities just craving for our services. So if you are not from London or Berlin. See you soon in your city.

Sincerely Yours,

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