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Escort Jobs in Berlin

Great opportunity for sexy girls to earn cash

Fun JobThe work as a female Berlin escort is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the city. Just imagine working for yourself and your main task is to make a rich businessman happy by accompanying then, go to meetings with them, having parties after meetings, drink nice wine and great food, watch movies, go swimming, walk in the park, sunbathe and enjoy Berlin. For all this, the client will settle the bill and on top of that he will pay you a very good hourly rate for your time. It is true, you will get paid to have fun.

Berlin Escorts earn a decent amount of money for hour spent with a client

As one of XCheapEscorts’ Berling escorts and part of our sex club Berlin, you can have few customers every day if time allows it. Being a sexy girl, you can charge our standard rates for every client. However, if you work with an agency like X Cheap Escorts (which is safer and recommended), the agency will determine the going rate per hour. We have decided to be the cheapest agency for just €100 per hour. But we take only a small percentage from that, which makes us very competitive, because the Berlin escorts who work with XCheapEscorts receives the same amount of money per customer as in sex club Berlin where they actually charge customers €150 and more per hour. But because we offer the lowest price you are guaranteed to have more customers than if you work with other sex club Berlin or escorts agency.

The great thing about being Berlin escort is that there are many rich men around andGet Paid in Cash Straight Away just working a couple of days you are able to earn a lot. Besides, you do not have to wait for the payday, meet deadlines, work on problematic projects or deal with bosses who will never appreciate you. Just keep a customer entertained and get your pay straight away, usually in cash.

When you register as one of our Berlin escorts with, the customers will have to follow your availability. You choose when to be available and when not to be work. Being Berlin escorts give you the freedom and the convenience you need in a work. With an escort job for a sex club Berlin, you are never asked with doing any clerical job not in your job description unlike in day jobs. The XCheapEscorts clients pay you directly and the money never goes to us, we only ask for small commission for advertising on our platform. When you work alone, you get the money without deductions. Besides, you can work as Berlin escorts part time and you decide which nights. After your tiring day job, change to a sexy outfit that highlights your lovely curves and enjoy the night at the movies with a rich CEO, have a glass of wine and dinner later go. Get home safe accompanied by one of our professional drivers.

Establish strong connections while working in a sex club Berlin.

networkingYour clients will be all sorts of people, but mainly men who can afford Berlin escorts services, so expect CEOs, successful businessmen from all over the world, politicians and other high ranking individuals in the society. By interacting with these men, you will be building relations that will last for long and can serve you in your life out of work. If your services are excellent, as we expect them to be, the clients will want to have you sexy companion the next time they visits Berlin. And what is more, you will be enjoying more evenings night in the company of rich and educated men.

With just a curvaceous body and a charming personality, you can start earning just like the other Berlin escorts you have seen online. You do not need any credentials. Furthermore, the sex club Berlin you join will train you to meet the expectations of xCheapEscorts customers. There is always an agency offering Berlin escorts jobs and most agencies get a consistent flow of jobs all year round. You never run out of work. And here at XCheapEscorts, because we offer the low price for our services, we guarantee that you will be busy.

Berlin escorts agencies

Being an escort is not only about stripping naked and having sex, leave that to sex workers. Escorts are more sophisticated and classy girls than that. This makes escort jobs in Berlin decent. In fact, some girls are in the escorts industry at the consent of their boyfriends. Escort agencies or an individual escort can advertise their services anywhere (unless it is an area meant for children). If an agency is well advertised, it translates to more jobs for the Berlin escorts.

To be one of our beautiful Berlin escorts, you need to be sexy, smart and carry yourself well when with the customers. The image of the client, when he attend cocktail parties, will depend a lot on how you behave and how you manage yourself. To this end, you should join an agency where you will be taught etiquette, dressing for occasions, communication skills and much more as you continue earning. The good thing is that you can start today by signing up for a job on one of the best Berlin escorts agency websites, go for an interview and start working. Who knows, maybe one of the exquisite clientele from your agency wants you to accompany them for one week trip to The Bahamas.

You can apply for Berlin escorts job by just sending us few pictures and a short text including when you are usually available, where do you live, where are you from and some stats about you. Just email us all this on

Hope to see you soon.
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